Privacy Policy

Our Sources

The information we provide is aggregated from public sources such as public court records, real estate records, published telephone company white pages, and web searches. As such it falls under "public domain". As a consequence, we cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this information.

What user information is collected by PeepDB?

The directory information we provide is aggregated from external sources. We do not gather any personal identifiable information directly from our users or customers, only from public domain sources that are openly available to everyone.

Opt-Out / Listing Removal Process

To request removal from the PeepDB directory, navigate to the listing you would like removed and scroll to the bottom of the page. Then click on the Remove This Listing link to begin the process of removal. Please keep in mind that is not the source of this information. Therefore we are not responsible for its continued presence elsewhere on the web even after your removal from .

Will my browsing history or people searches be shared?

Except from legal demands from lawful, United States authorities PeepDB does not share your browsing history or people search history with anyone.

Thank You!